That capitalism has established a centralized state administration for the strengthening of its hegemony over people, which through steady intensification of authoritarian pressure has continually increased the power of capital and retroactively caused a constant expansion of state authority to the detriment of the workers and to the benefit of the privileged, simply means that the state directed from above is the only form of organization suitable for the maintenance and promotion of the capitalist-directed economy; however, it means at the same time that only capitalist conditions can harmonize with state centralism in its intended effect, and further that every centralized state power can develop capitalism and generate it anew wherever it is not or might never have been at all.
Erich Mühsam (via class-struggle-anarchism)


Evangeline Lilly understands perfectly what it takes to be a strong female character 

Filmmakers, take note: There’s more to gender equality than putting a warrior woman on screen.

That was the message The Hobbit star Evangeline Lilly sent at last week’s San Diego Comic Con. During a Nerd HQ Q&A with the actress, a female audience member asked Lilly where she found the inspiration for her badass elf character, Tauriel. Lilly refreshingly pointed out that while Tauriel is a fearsome warrior, that’s not necessarily why she’s so great. 

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my favourite thing about William Shatner is that he is obsessed with Reddit, he goes on there all the time and talks about it all the time, its so good, and then one day, he got really upset with the behaviour of [coughing]the majority of redditors[/coughing] and actually commented that he thought the moderation should change and rules should be enforced and how upset he was seeing all this racism, sexism etc etc.

and fan boys on reddit who had literally been falling over their feet trying to send Mr. Shatner Messages and shower him in love, suddenly turned around and were vilifying him and even saying that somehow The Feminist Agenda had gotten to William Shatner

it was honestly the fucking funniest thing I have ever experienced and its one of my fondest memories

by the way, i’m not making this up, it was amazing i was there i saw this first hand it was history in the making

i loved it

i love william shatner